If you've been seeing the letters ESL in ads of the daily newspaper you read while on break at your job or during commercials while watching TV in your home and aren't quite sure what they stand for we can help you out with that. ESL is an acronym and stands for English as a Second Language.

The ESL acronym is primarily used when referencing education settings, especially English teaching settings. There are many foreign students who make their way to North America for the specific purpose of going to school to learn about film making or CAD modeling or finding a job and they aren't all that well versed in their English speaking, reading and writing skills.

ESL schools will teach English to people where English isn't their native language in the hopes of acclimating them to their new surroundings at a much more rapid pace. It can be hard to come to a new country where they don't speak your language. A simple shopping experience could go wrong because neither you nor the person trying to sell you motivational posters is quite sure what the other wants and that can lead to some frustrating times.

There are many ESL schools that can be found all over Canada and the United States that have programs in place to teach reading, writing and speaking classes. The goal of any ESL school is to not make English your first language but to comprehend it enough so that you can get by on a daily a basis in your new country, which will help you interact better with teachers, students, employers or agents. ESL programs, whether they're offered at independent ESL schools or in the public school system, are vital because they provide those taking the program a comfortable learning environment.

Most ESL programs are taught in a small environment where plenty of one-on-one help is offered, which makes it a safer environment for those learning a new language. ESL programs not only focus on improving one's reading, writing and speaking comprehension but they also offer students a chance to learn about the local society, values and culture.

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