The internet has become the world's go to resource center. Whenever somebody needs to research a topic; for example, where can I find dog daycare or which NFL player holds the record for most fantasy football points scored, the immediate action to click the search engine bar in Google. "Just Google it," is the go-to response when an answer is needed on a topic such as low risk investments or cell phone providers to only name two.

No matter how much the internet has taken over our lives not everybody has constant access to the internet 24/7 and can't easily search Google to find out why high efficiency boilers are the way to go when building a new home. Then there are those who would rather find out information the old school way by going to the library. Library cards are powerful tools in the world of researching as they provide you with the ability to access a whole lot of research materials and resources on practically every subject matter.

If you're in university and have a paper to write and feel like you can't trust the information you find online then hit up your nearest library and get to researching the old fashioned way. Most colleges and universities have their own libraries so you don't have to go far to dig your nose in the books. You will find plenty of resources to help you write your paper and if you have great researching skills then it won't even take you that long.

Libraries know they can't compete with the way the internet provides users with instant answers. However, libraries use what they've been doing for years to their advantage to get people to still use their facilities. Not only can you take out books or magazines from libraries but you can also take out CDs and DVDs that could be of use to you if you. Of course you don't have to go to the library just to borrow a book to write a paper or take out a movie so you can use a clip for your presentation.

Libraries are meant to be used by everybody for any reason. That means you can take out the newest best selling book if you can't afford to buy a copy for yourself, or borrow a few of the latest blockbuster films on DVD if your local video rental store is out of stock (if you even have one left). Just don't forget to bring your library card or else you won't be taking anything out of the library.

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