You don't have to wait for your kids to go to school for them to start learning how to read. Schools are not the be all, end all when it comes to making sure your kids learn how to read. There are plenty of resources available that you can use to facilitate their learning and how to read.

Why wait for your kids to start pre-school or kindergarten for them to start the basics of learning how to read? Giving them a head start on their reading by teaching them how to read will help them out a whole lot by the time they start school. Reading help at home for your children is pretty easy to come by.

There are plenty of reading resources and materials out there that you can pick up at book stores or stores that sell items marketed towards children. These reading materials that you can purchase or loan from the library will help your child gradually develop their reading skills. One form of reading materials for the home when it comes to your children's reading skills include guided reading books that help kids with their relationship between letters and sounds, word structure and context.

You can also pop in a DVD of a book that has pages being flipped with the words at the bottom of the screen that places emphasis on phonetics so your child can learn how to pronounce certain words. Sometimes a visual and audio aid like that will make it easier for a child to learn about words that aids them with their reading.

You can also play wordplay games with them that will get them to remember how to spell certain words and say certain words through repetition. The more a child says certain words the easier it is for them to remember them. The memory game is a great example of this. Show them a picture of something like an animal or shape and tell them what is, how to spell it and how to say it. Then get them to start doing that over and over until they know what a cat is, and can pronounce it without seeing the picture.

It's much easier today to teach your child how to read because of all the resources available to us. You might also want to pay a visit to our article Learn to Read!

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