If you have kids, you're probably counting down the days until summer so you can escape your tiny loft, Toronto, and maybe even Canada. However, when you have kids your summer vacation plans might have an unexpected wrench thrown into them if the possibility of summer school rears its ugly head. This article will teach you more about summer school and how it can help your child, perhaps even more than a vacation abroad could.

Many people are under the impression that attending summer school is a sign of academic failure. While it is true that many students are given the option of attending summer school instead of being held back a grade, there are other summer school programs that are designed to help bright children get a jump start on their studies. Both types of program may be available at schools near your home so check with your local school board to find out.

With remedial summer school, children who have failed courses in junior high and high school are given the opportunity to retake the course during the summer and get a passing grade. In effect, remedial summer school is like a second chance. If the child sits around their home all summer instead of doing class work, he or she will have to repeat the entire grade. Generally summer school is only offered to kids who fail one or two courses rather than their entire course load, and does not take the entire day like regular school.

Booster summer school is quite different. These programs are entirely optional and often have students competing to be involved. Some booster summer school programs merely allow students to finish up their high school programs ahead of time or get a jump on their university coursework. Others offer the chance to learn specialized skills like an automotive technician, that aren't offered during the regular school months. In many cases booster summer schools are designed to help students get into college.

If your school district doesn't offer anything in the way of summer schools and your child doesn't want to make wooden sculptures at the rec center all summer, you can always investigate national, regional, or international programs designed for people of different backgrounds. These types of programs usually focus on one area, such as music or science, and are held as sleep-away camps on university campuses while the regular students are on their vacation.

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