Thanks to the internet, there are now many work and study tasks that can be done from the comfort of your home. You no longer need to take the bus in to the office every day or walk to the library if you want to study. You can find everything you need from your home computer. Unfortunately, working from home comes with a lot of inherent distractions that can disrupt your normal working day. Here are some tips for building a distraction free home office.


Many people who find working from home too distracting could easily solve the problem by not working out of their kitchens. Office buildings are places where we find it easy to focus because the space we are in is dedicated to work. To get that feeling in a home office, you should have a completely separate place to do your work. Avoid the temptations of the television and your snack cupboard by working in a spare bedroom or alcove that does not do double duty as a craft or media room.


You may find it difficult to sit down and draft your plans for your latest work development if you know you can just get up and turn on the TV or look up some funny photos on the internet. Remove the temptation to do so by setting regular work hours for yourself. Get up at the same time, have your breakfast, and go to work. Keep set break times and lunch times so that you make sure you put in an appropriate amount of work each day. Contents on this page were provided by: Trinity Family Dental Whitby


One of the things that makes it most difficult to focus on work in a home office situation is your roommates. If your spouse, children, or pets know that you are home, they will think they can ask for your attention whenever they want it unless you make it clear to them that you are off limits when you're trying to work, prep or study. Hire a babysitter or pet sitter if needed to preserve the illusion that you are at work even though you have not left the house. Make sure the other members of your household know that when you're in your office, it's like you're not home.


Sometimes it can be tempting to try and multitask while you're supposed to be working in your home office. Don't. When it's time to work, work. Don't bounce back and forth between looking through catalogs or magazines, doing your laundry, and walking your pets. Focus on work only until your work day is over and you are free to go home and take care of your household tasks. It can help to pretend that you are not at home during these hours.

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