Whenever you run across something you don't know how to do, whether it's getting your pictures to hang straight or knitting a pair of socks, the internet can help. If you'd like to learn something new, this article can tell you where you can find likely sources of web tutorials that can teach you. A big thank you to our website sponsor, Dezan social media and SEO, London Ontario.

Company Websites

If you just bought a new software program that's designed to manage your budget and you have no idea how to use it, your first stop should be the company's website. Most companies no longer bother with printed manuals - instead they create comprehensive how-to guides on their websites for customers to consult when they get stuck. Things you might find on company websites include specific tutorials introducing new program features as well as overviews in both video, audio, and text forms.


There are a surprising number of experts out there in the world who are so keen to share their knowledge that they will actually make video tutorials and upload them onto the web to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. So if you need to know how a dentist drills a cavity, you can find a video of a dentist doing just that. Of course, if a visual scares you or you are in a lot of pain, contact an emergency dentist to seek some relief. There are also plenty of tutorials for crafting, cooking, and DIY construction. Many of these web tutorials are for very unusual skills, like knitting dog scarves or drawing your own comic, so you may not be able to find them anywhere else.

Instruction Sites

If you're not keen on watching a video tutorial and prefer instead to read and see pictures like you would in a book on how to select your investment portfolio, then websites like eHow, Squidoo, and About are probably your best bet. These sites pay experts to create web content people will want to read about popular topics like home renovation, party hosting, and selecting real estate. You can find step by step guides for many household tasks here.

Enthusiast Websites

For people who desire more in depth information, you're most likely to get it on enthusiast websites. Enthusiasts tend to be either self taught amateurs with a lot of experience or trained professionals looking to generate a fan following who will think of them when they look for more information. They post instructional articles, photos, guides, and videos in order to raise their standing in the community of experts in their field.

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