The time to take your first big step into independence and the future has arrived, you are leaving for college soon. The idea of new friends, experiences, and places to see are most likely the first thoughts in your mind when you talk to anyone about moving on to study for your future.

The last thing you might want to think about are the stresses of the actual move or even finding a place should you be choosing to live in an apartment rather than the dorms. Dorm life can be some of the best times you will have in your first year, meeting new friends and being a safe and quick walk down the hall from the washing machines and cafeteria.

Though sharing a room with a complete stranger might not be desired or should you have a private room, the idea of sharing a bathroom with the rest of the hall might also turn some off of the dorms. One of the more wonderful parts of college is the options available from classes to housing.

When you strike out to find a place to live, keeping close to the school is important if you find yourself in a busy city such as Toronto. There are many apartments and condos available in the blocks surrounding the university and with a reliable roommate. Be sure to choose a place where you can easily get to class and access any amenities you might need, it never hurts to be within walking distance to a grocery store. Once you are in, you can set to planning your weekly shop and laundry schedule, hopefully with as little travel as possible.

Though should you find yourself without a car, you might be more inclined to look at condos if you'll be attending university in the downtown area. Though living in the city might be a big change from the suburbs you grew up around, the adjustment will be easy enough in a city that offers simple navigation with multiple buses, streetcars, and subways. In no time you will be able to get anywhere in the city without a worry, whether you drive or take public transportation.

Your first home away from home, whether it is a dorm room or an apartment shared with another student, will always be something you remember. In the future when you're moving into a brand new piece of real estate or sticking to some much closer by, the same feeling of a shiny new place to live will stay with you and bring back fond memories.

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