If you're a parent of a young child or teenager that tends to spend unsupervised time watching television or surfing the web, you're probably wondering what exactly your kids are watching. It's a common question most parents ask themselves as well as their kids.

There are a lot of television shows on the air that aren't intended for young children that are easily accessible. The same goes for websites on the internet. Even though most shows come with ratings that let viewers know what age the show is intended for that doesn't restrict them from watching it. Same goes with websites that ask users to click a box stating that they are at least 18 years of age or older. What's stopping your kids from watching a show meant for adults or clicking that box allowing them entry into that website they have no business being on?

There is something you can do though that will prevent your children from watching a TV show or browsing a website that they aren't supposed to when you're not around to supervise them. When it comes to the television set in your home you can always set locks that will prevent your kids from watching something they wouldn't be watching if you were around. Most cable or satellite providers have made it standard to include parental lock controls in their receivers that require a password to be entered in order to be allowed to view certain programming. All you have to do, as a parent, is set that password and make sure your children don't figure it out.

Parental locks or controls for the internet can be a little trickier but still doable. In order to monitor your children's internet usage and block certain website you're going to have to install some sort of parental blocking software program. Software like that will time your children's usage online to make sure they aren't wasting all their time online while also restricting access to folders and files not meant for them on your computer, and, most importantly, will also block access to specific websites. You can manually select which websites are to be blocked in your internet browser with parental control software, whether you don't your son or daughter visiting a website that charges money to buy upgrades or a violent website about mixed martial arts.

If you use the TV and computer parental control and lock options we mentioned you won't have to ever worry again about what your children are watching on TV or browsing online when you're not around.

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